LI Ruijun
  • 2017
  • Un Certain Regard

For Yang Yaoting, a second generation migrant who works at a production line, hope is faint and the job is dehumanizing. Her parents came to this megacity 25 years ago from their agricultural background, hoping to leave behind a harsh reality for a land of dreams. But in a whirlwind that sweeps them off their feet, they realize that the ground they stand on is an illusion in the first place, and wonder if their dream is after all to be found with ploughs and sickles, underneath the very piece of land they left behind. They are harrowed to find, upon returning, that it has long forgotten them too. Feeling rootless, and in all her desperation to belong, Yaoting readies herself to sacrifice her life for the future of her family, just as they once sacrificed their future for her life…

Directed by : LI Ruijun
Year of production: 2017
Country: China
Duration: 129




Secondary Production

  • QiTai Ocean Culture& Media China

Secondary Production

  • Irresistible Alpha Hong Kong

Secondary Production

  • PULIN Pruduction China

Secondary Production

  • Hucheng No.7 Films China

Secondary Production

  • EDKO FILMS LTD Hong Kong