Daniel NOAH
  • 2013
  • Special Screenings
  • First film

87-year-old Max Rose is a jazz pianist who put his professional ambitions aside in the service of his marriage, his life’s passion. But when his wife Eva dies suddenly, Max discovers a troubling artifact amongst her effects – a decades old compact with an intimate inscription from another man. In the midst of his grief, Max must grapple with the possibility that his 65-year marriage was built on a lie, and that his beloved Eva was never truly happy with him, always reaching for another. As he is haunted by the specter of his wife’s secret life, family tensions flare. His son, Christopher, believes Max views him as a disappointment, and Max isn’t quick to correct that idea. His granddaughter, Annie, tries to care for him, even though Max insists that’s the last thing he needs. As the abse

Directed by : Daniel NOAH
Year of production: 2013
Country: United States
Duration: 83


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