• 2024
  • Un Certain Regard
  • First film
Special mention - Un Certain Regard 2024

Set in a small remote Saudi Arabian village, in the 90s when artistic expression was banned, NORAH is a story about the basic human need to communicate through art, in all its forms. Nader, a new schoolteacher and an artist in secret, arrives at the village and meets Norah, a young woman who ignites the creativity inside him and inspires him to paint again. At great risk, they develop a delicate connection and a quiet bond. Nader enlightens Norah on the wider world outside of her tiny community and she realises she must leave, to find a place where she can be free to express her artistic self.

Directed by : Tawfik ALZAIDI
Year of production: 2023
Country: Saudi Arabia
Duration: 94




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