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A gaunt man in a suit and a red baseball cap appears out of nowhere in the burning heat of the desert between the US and Mexico. The locals call this inhospitable area “The Devil’s Playground”. Travis might seem to be mute and amnesiac, but he’s driven by the desire to reconnect with his family. Wim Wenders’ iconic Cannes winner from 1984, exquisitely photographed by Dutch master Robby Müller, is a powerful statement on self-discovery, loss and redemption and the unbreakable bonds of love. Outstanding performances by Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski, a masterful screenplay by Sam Shepard and Ry Cooder’s haunting soundtrack have contributed to PARIS, TEXAS’ cult film status and its spell, even 40 years later. The new 4K restoration makes it shine more than ever.

Directed by : Wim WENDERS
Year of production: 1984
Country: Germany, France
Duration: 148




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