Murali NAIR
  • 2001
  • Un Certain Regard

Once in a colorful rural province, the ruling Lord granted democracy to his faithful citizens. They celebrated with joyous song. As a token of his good will, the Lord gave the royal dog Apu to his former obedient servant, Koran. Koran and his wife proudly cared for the small dog, admired by all the village. One day, Apu bit a duck, then later a boy. Rumor spread that the Lord knowingly sent Apu amongst the people because the dog had rabies. The peaceful democratic atmosphere of the village was disrupted. The new leader and the disheartened villagers turned against the Lord they once loved and respected. The province was divided, its future uncertain.

Directed by : Murali NAIR
Country: India, United Kingdom
Duration: 74