• 2014
  • Cannes Classics
  • Restored prints

Witek runs after the train. There are three variants of his fate and three different sto¬ries depending on whether or not he catches the train. Variant one:. he catches the train and meets an old communist who encourages h/m to become a Party activist. Variant two: he bumps into a railway guard, faces trial and has to do community work. While working he meets people involved in political opposition movement. Variant three: Witek misses the train, meets a girl from his studies and, influenced by her, returns to university. They got married. Witek leads a peaceful life, devoted to academic career, with no political involvement. His life comes to an abrupt end when the plane in which he travels to lecture in Libya explodes.

Directed by : Krzysztof KIESLOWSKI
Year of production: 1981
Duration: 117