Yasujirô OZU
  • 2018
  • Cannes Classics
  • Restored prints

Ozu depicts the nuances of affection between an elderly couple and their adult children with his exquisitely moving and elegantly simple touch, beginning with two aging parents living in the small town of Onomichi in Hiroshima who pay a visit to their eldest son and daughter in Tokyo, in the hope of creating memories to cherish for the rest of their days. Location shooting took place in Onomichi, Osaka, Atami, and Tokyo. In Onomichi, Ozu studiously captures scenes of fishing boats passing through its harbor, rows of old dwellings, historic temples and stone monuments, and white-walled alleyways, while in Tokyo, he even takes the camera up to a back street laundry platform and into crowded downtown areas, conveying his subject matter without exaggeration or artifice.

Directed by : Yasujirô OZU
Year of production: 1953
Country: Japan
Duration: 135