• 2024
  • Cinéma de la Plage

TRANSMITZVAH is a love story between siblings. They exhibit their wounds, exchange the pieces of each other’s puzzle, and complete (or start) the process of reaffirming their own identity. Rubén –the Singmans’ youngest son– challenges tradition by deciding to have a Bat Mitzvah instead of a Bar Mitzvah. Twenty years later, Rubén –now MUMY SINGER– returns to their hometown as a famous Yiddish singing star. After a sad event in the family, MUMY loses her voice and, with the help of her brother EDUARDO, tries to complete the path to adult life. A comedy with a jolly, playful, and musical dialogue about MUMY SINGER, and her trip to the past to make herself up, avoiding shortcuts and labels. The journey to who we really are can’t be avoided and must necessarily be taken.

Directed by : Daniel BURMAN
Year of production: 2024
Country: Argentina
Duration: 100



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