Fernando ARRABAL
  • 2022
  • Cannes Classics
  • Restored prints
  • First film

Spain is in dire shape due to the Franco regime. A young man named Fando discovers that his beloved mother was the one who denounced his father to the authorities, accusing him of being an atheist and an anti-fascist. Torn between the love he feels for his mother and the grief he feels about his father’s disappearance, Fando goes from office to office looking for his lost parent without finding a single answer. The memories and bloody torture fantasies that assault his imagination start to become an unending flood of inextricable symbols and memories. Hospitalized for heart surgery, his violent, cruel and sensual visions amplify themselves and the horror becomes less and less tolerable for him. Fando finally escapes the hospital after his only friend reveals to him that his father is still

Directed by : Fernando ARRABAL
Year of production: 1970
Country: France, Tunisia
Duration: 89