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Directed by : Vittorio DE SICA

Year of production : 1948 Length : 89 minutes


The picture of poverty in post-war Italy is masterfully captured in this story about a father whose job depends on having a bike which is stolen from him. “Bicycle Thieves is delicate, poetic, and pardon the big word, universal. It’s Sunday in Rome, with sun and rain, soup kitchens and rough neighbourhoods, markets and trattorias, and this father and son cross the city in one of the most moving walks in film history.” (Attilio Bertolucci)
One of De Sica and Zavattini’s masterpieces, shot on the street with amateur actors, Bicycle Thieves is – in the words of André Bazin – “the ideal centre around which gravitate, each in his own orbit, the works of other great directors.”


Vittorio DE SICA - Director

Vittorio DE SICA - Script / Dialogue

Oreste BIANCOLI - Script / Dialogue

Adolfo FRANCI - Script / Dialogue

Gherardo GHERARDI - Script / Dialogue

Gerardo GUERRIERI - Script / Dialogue

Carlo MONTUORI - Director of Photography

Alessandro CICOGNINI - Music

Antonio TRAVERSO - Set decorator

Eraldo DA ROMA - Film Editor

Cesare ZAVATTINI - Script / Dialogue

Suso CECCHI D'AMICO - Script / Dialogue


Lamberto MAGGIORANI - Antonio Ricci

Enzo STAIOLA - Bruno Ricci

Lianella CARELL - Maria Ricci

Elena ALTIERI - Charitable Lady

Guido SALTAMERENDA - Baiocco

Vittorio ANTONUCCI - The Thief

Giulio CHIARI - Beggar

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