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Aitana Sanchez-Gijon is born in Rome in 1968. Her mother is italian and her father is spanish. Her acting vocation starts pretty soon : since eight years old, she participates in theatre workshops and takes part of an itnerant theatre company.
Her professional trajectory begins at 16 years old, always alternating films, television and theatre. Also, Aitana studies hispanic philology and performing arts simultaneously until she is 20 years old.
From 1989 to 1990, she is part of tbe National Company of Classic Theatre. In 1991, she creates her own theatre company and performs, among other texts : El hombre deshabitado by Rafael Alberti; A puerta cerrada (Huis clos in french) by J.P. Sartre and Cat on a Bot Tin Roof by T. Williams.
In films, she has been directed by Gonzalo Suarez, Fernando Colomo, Femando Feman Gomez, Pilar Miro, among others. In 1995 Aitana performed against Kearm Reeves in Alfonso Araus's A Walk in the Clouds.
Among her most recently works, we may point out : Love WaIked in by J. Campanella, La ley de la frontera by A. Aristarain, Boca a Boca by M. Gomez Pereira, Sus ojos se cerraron by J. Chavarri, Yerma by Pilar Tavora, La camarera del Titanic and Volaverunt by Bigas Luna, Celos by Vicente Aranda and her last work, not released yet Que no quede huella by tbe mexican director Maria Novaro.
In 1999 she receives the Concha de Plata award as Best Performing for Volaverunt in the International Film Festival of San Sebastian.
In December 1998, Aitana was unanimously elected president of tbe Academy of tbe Arts and Cinematografic Sciences of Spain. She is still in charge.

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