Critic and writer, Actor



Colin MacCabe wrote for Screen as cinema critic in the seventies. In 1985, he was appointed Head of Production at the British Film Institute, working alongside film directors such as Derek Jarman, Terence Davies, Ian Sellar... In his capacity as Head of Research at BFI, he began producing documentaries on the history of cinema (in 1995 a 16-part series on the century of cinema with contributions from Scorsese, Godard, Oshima, Frears). In 1998, he formed with Paula Jalfon the Minerva Company and produced documentaries for the Independent Film Channel. From 2002 onwards, his major focus has switched to writing with a biography of Godard published in 2003. He continues to work at the moment with Chris Marker and Isaac Julien. He is Distinguished Professor of English and Film at the University of Pittsburgh where he has taught since 1985 and Professor of English at Exeter University since 1998.

Jury attendance

  • Member Cinéfondation & Short Films, 2005