Director, Script Writer, Actress

United States

Greta GERWIG © Ben Rayner

In just fifteen years, Greta Gerwig has made a name for herself in American and international cinema. Right from the start of her career as an actress, Greta Gerwig has also been involved as a screenwriter, collaborating on numerous projects. She co-wrote Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007) and Nights and Weekends (2008), which she also co-directed, followed by Frances Ha (2012), Mistress America (2015) and, of course, Barbie with her writing partner Noah Baumbach. Her very first solo work, Lady Bird (2017) – a gripping, tender and melancholy portrait of the torments of adolescence – received 5 Oscar nominations, including for Best Director. For her second film, Greta Gerwig ambitiously took on the American literary classic Little Women, always with the aim of renewing the view of women. With her latest film, Barbie (2023), a worldwide cultural phenomenon and the biggest hit of the year, Greta Gerwig becomes the first director in the history of cinema to top the billion-dollar mark at the box office.

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