Khadja NIN


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Youngest of a family of eight, Khadja Nin studied music at an early age, before leaving Africa to go to Europe where she met her producer, writing with him plenty of songs in Swahili and Kirundi her native langage. Her albums are a mix of occidental popmusic, African and Afro-Cuban rhythms. She gained wide recognition and success with “Sambolera Mayi “Son”. Her album “Ya…” (“From me to you”) is a wonderful tribute to Mandela and the video of her song “Mama” was directed by Jeanne Moreau. International composer, she sang with lots of artists among them Sting and Cheb Mami. She also became a Unicef and ACP Observatory on Migration Good Will Ambassador. She was awarded the Prize “Prix de l’Action Feminine” by the African Women’s League in 2016, and has been committed to support ordinary heroes.

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