Ladj LY

Director, Script Writer, Actor, Producer


Photo de juré © Loic Venance / AFP

Director, screenwriter, actor, and producer Ladj Ly marked cinema with his short film Les Misérables and his documentary À voix haute: La Force de la parole that earned him numerous festival selections, and César award nominations for Best Short Film and Best Documentary in 2018. The following year, he adapted his short film Les Misérables into a feature film, which was selected in Competition at the 2019 Festival de Cannes and won the Jury Prize. A real box-office success, it won the César Award for Best Film, as well as César du Public in 2020. It was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. Ladj Ly is currently working on the script of his second feature and will be back as a screenwriter for Athena, Romain Gavras’ next film for which he also acts as co-producer and as co-writer and co-producer for Kim Chapiron’s Le Jeune Imam. Ly is also the founder of the film school Kourtrajmé (Montfermeil, Marseille, Dakar, Madrid).

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  • Member Feature films, 2022

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In Competition - Feature Films, 2019Director, Screenplay



In Competition - Feature Films, 2019
2019 CST Award for Technical Artist2019 Jury Prize (Ex-Aequo)
Director, Screenplay