Yasmina REZA



Author (France)
Yasmina Reza's first play, Conversations after a Burial, was staged in 1987. In 1988 she wrote the French version of Kafka's Metamorphosis by Steven Berkoff, starring Roman Polanski. La Traversée de l'hiver was staged in 1990, Art in 1994 and The Unexpected Man in 1995. Every one of these plays was awarded numerous prizes in France, including many Molière Awards. They have also been translated in over 30 languages and staged throughout the world, making up more than 125 different productions of which the staging of Art has been carried out in Berlin's Schaubühne, London in 1996 and in New York's Royal Theatre on Broadway since 1998. This play in particular received numerous awards, including: the Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy (1996), Laurence Olivier Award for Best Comedy (1997) and the Tony Award for Best Play (1998). The Unexpected Man, staged in English by London's Royal Shakespeare Company in 1998 will be put on in New York in autumn 1999. Eileen Atkins received the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress of the Year. Yazmina Reza wrote her first screenplay, Le Pique-nique de Lulu Kreutz by Didier Martiny, slated for distribution in autumn 1999. She also wrote a novel, Hammerklavier, published in 1997. September 1999 promises another novel.

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