Cinéma de Demain © Joachim Tournebize / FDC
Cinéma de Demain © Joachim Tournebize / FDC
Exploring film production from around the world and contributing to its renewal has been at the heart of the Festival de Cannes since its beginnings. Over time, it has implemented numerous initiatives and now offers a set of opportunities to be seized by young cinema professionals. In 2023, the Festival is bringing these initiatives together under a single banner, that of the Cinéma de Demain.

What is the “Cinéma de Demain”?

A new section dedicated to the future of cinema, the Cinéma de Demain brings together the initiatives of the Festival de Cannes that support young creation, transmission of the love of cinema and to act more effectively on the future of the film industry.

Cannes Court Métrage, La Cinef, the Résidence, the Caméra d’or, 3 Days in Cannes, Short Film Corner | Rendez-vous Industry. : complementary programmes that are proposed in their complementarity around 4 main missions: reveal, accompany, transmit, connect.

Revealingexploring and spotlighting young international creation

Jane Campion, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Xavier Giannoli, Lynne Ramsay, Emmanuelle Bercot, Alice Winocour, Asif Kapadia, Jessica Hausner, Emily Young, Nadav Lapid, Ryan Coogler, Jim Jarmusch, Naomi Kawase, Jafar Panahi, Corneliu Porumboiu, Steve McQueen, Houda Benyamina, Lukas Dhont…

These are some of the filmmakers revealed by the Short Film Competition, La Cinef selection of film school films and the Caméra d’or prize for first films. In 2023, the Festival is reasserting its desire to work towards discovering the filmmakers of tomorrow in order to reveal their works on an international stage and allow for a greater diversity of sensibilities and talents.

Supportingaccompanying the projects of young artists, from the writing to the financing

László Nemes’ The Son of Saul, Nadine Labaki’s Caramel, Michel Franco’s After Lucia, Lucrecia Martel’s The Holy Girl, Kornél Mundruczó’s Delta and Lukas Dhont’s Girl – all projects whose screenplays were developed at the writing residency of the Festival de Cannes.

Located in Paris, each year this site welcomes a dozen young directors to work on their first or second feature film project.
Each participant undergoes their experience of creation supported by a personalised writing accompaniment programme and a group programme of meetings with film professionals.

Sharingkindling a love of cinema and encouraging others to pursue this calling

Assisting in creation involves finding and supporting young creators, but it also involves encouraging people to want to pursue cinema and transmitting a love of film. Since 2018, the Festival offers young cinephiles the opportunity to discover the Official Selection through the “3 Days in Cannes” programme. In 2022, 4,200 passionate cinephiles from around the world took advantage of this programme.

Networkingbringing professionals from around the world together

That’s the mission of the Short Film Corner | Rendez-vous Industry. This forum dedicated to professionals involved in short films is intended to solidify the links between creation and industry. Every year, over the course of four days, the SFC | Rendez-vous Industry organises a number of initiatives (masterclasses, workshops, professional get-togethers) in order to bring the makers of short films together in this innovative and dynamic industry.


Consult the website dedicated to the new “Cinéma de Demain” entity.