Tamara Drew by Stephen Frears – press conference

Stephen Frears © AFP

The press conference for the film by Stephen Frears, Tamara Drew, took place this afternoon. The director was accompanied by actors Bill Camp, Dominic Cooper, Tamsin Greig and Luke Evans, producer Alison Owen, script writer Moira Buffini and the author of the graphic novel Posy Simmonds.

Selected excerpts
Posy Simmonds on whether the film is true to the book:
It is completely faithful to the book. I made great efforts to transpose a three-dimensional life into a two-dimensional context. Stephen Frears succeeded in doing the transposition in reverse.

Stephen Frears on the fact that his film is not in Competition:
This film is not in competition because I did not want to lose and set myself up for such a disappointment!

Stephen Frears on the morality of the film:
If the moral of the story is not readily apparent, it’s because the ambiguity is the most interesting thing about the film. And I am a fervent believer in that.

Dominic Cooper on his relationship with his character:
I feel close to my character. Like him I would have dreamed of being a rock star, but unfortunately I didn’t have his talent. He can act like a complete jerk, but I managed to make him likeable in spite of that.I didn’t want the audience to hate him. He is just a bit thick.