Un Certain Regard Q&A: Michel Franco on Después de Lucía

Michel Franco © FIF/CB

Michel Franco made his first full-length movie, Daniel & Ana, in 2010. The film dealt with the difficult subjects of incest and pornography. This time Mexican film-maker dissects violence in all its forms. In Después de Lucía, a young girl is made into a scapegoat by her jealous classmates.

What does Un Certain Regard mean to you?
A very great honour. Being included in this selection will allow me to reach a type of audience that is receptive to my work. It’s something which can be difficult for film-makers who are trying to be themselves and stay faithful to their ideas.


Why is the cinema essential for you?
Through the cinema, I try to understand myself and my surroundings.

Which types of cinema or film continue to inspire you?
Movies that plunge into the heart of cinema, movies that are searching for their own nature and their own form.


What question would you like to ask the movie director of your choice?
I would be tempted  to ask so many great directors questions … better not to annoy the gods… in any case, their ideas are there in their work. All we have to do is to watch their movies over and over again from a different angle each time to get everything.

What are you expecting from the Festival de Cannes?
That it allows more movies to see the light of day. Cannes makes me want to plunge into my next project. I already have the impression of being in the atmosphere of a film set.

The movie will be screened at 1.15 pm and 10.15 pm in the Debussy Theatre.