Moi Aussi (Me Too), Judith Godrèche on finding one’s voice

MOI AUSSI © Maneki films

The 2024 Festival de Cannes welcomes the new short film Moi Aussi (Me Too), a poignant creation from Judith Godrèche . The actress first moved behind the camera in 2010 with Toutes les filles pleurent (All Girls Cry). In the 2024 Official Selection, the film will be screened in her presence during the opening ceremony of Un Certain Regard.

At the dawn of a new day, a young girl findsherself confronted with a staring crowd, with everyone in it bearing the weight of their own past. She becomes the vehicle for these varied stories, offering a voice to silence and repressed pains. Plunging into the heart of the most intimate first-hand accounts, which the actress has collected and allowed to blossom, Moi Aussi (Me Too) provides a moving exploration of pain, resilience and liberation. The French title is, of course, a translation of “Me too”, the title obviously referring to the movement that seeks to break the silence of victims in the world of cinema.

“I thought of Holly Hunter’s mute character in The Piano, her silence, her body, the way Jane Campion uses material to express things through images rather than words.”

– Judith Godrèche

For Judith Godrèche, this project is more than a simple film. It’s an attempt to provide a collective voice to the victims of sexual violence. A thousand first-hand accounts were anonymously integrated into the film, each fragment of a story being given by a young girl played by Tess Barthélemy, the filmmaker’s daughter.

Godrèche’s artistic approach integrates music, dance and the imagination, creating a rich and touching emotional landscape. With the participation of the choreographer Eva Galmel and an original song from the group Faux-Amis, the film reinvents and re-appropriates the voices that victims are often lacking.

To celebrate diversity and inclusion in cinema, Judith Godrèche will participate, with other women, in a special walking of the steps, which will provide visibility to anonymous victims and will also highlight the crucial role played by women in the film industry.