• 2016
  • Cannes Classics
  • Restored prints

French Indochina, 1930. The world is about to change. The beautiful, elegant and controlled Eliane Devries, with her father, Emile, rules over the vast domain of rich, red soil that is their rubber plantation. The only love of Eliane’s life is for Camille, her sixteen year old adopted Vietnamese daughter, a princess of Annam, whose parents died in a plane crash. Jean-Baptiste LeGuen , a French naval officer has just arrived in Saigon in search of glory. In spite of himself, Jean-Baptiste will confront Eliane and Camille with their destiny. The two women fall in love with him; Eliane will give him up, but Camille refuses. Jean-Baptiste’s tour of duty exiles him to remote outpost on one of the Tonkin Islands. Unable to live without him, young Camille treks across the country.

Directed by : Régis WARGNIER
Year of production: 1992
Country: France
Duration: 152