• 2016
  • Cannes Classics
  • Restored prints

Santi, a poor 10- year-old blind boy who lives with his father. Vina takes a pity on him and tries to protect him from the bullying of Krai. Santi’s father send him to stay with Luang Ta, a respectable monk, hopefully that he would learn the Buddhist lessons and by doing good deed, he could regain his eyesight.

When they have grown up, Santi and Vina become lover. Krai feels jealous because he also love Vina. Krai asks his parent to make a marriage proposal to Vina. Vina decides to run away with Santi. However, they are finally caught and Santi is severe beaten.

On the day Vina gets married with Krai, the cape collapses. Luang Ta lost his life in order to save Santi’s. Santi’s eyesight is miraculous cured but he realizes that real happiness in life is entering the land of Buddha.

Directed by : Thavi NA BANGCHANG
Year of production: 1954
Country: Thailand
Duration: 116