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  • In Competition
  • Feature Films
Award for Best Director 1999

After her son Esteban is killed in an accident, Manuela reads in his notebook, which he always carried with him: “Last night mom showed me a photograph. It was ripped in half. I feel like my life is missing that same half.” He is referring to his father. Manuela never told him who he was, it was difficult to explain to a teenage son that his father has bigger breasts than she, and that he answers to the name of Lola. That silence weighs on her conscience like a crime. She decides to go to Barcelona in search of Lola, to tell him that they had a son, and that he is dead. The search for a man with such a name cannot be easy, and in fact it isn’t.

Directed by : Pedro ALMODÓVAR
Country: Spain, France
Duration: 101



International sales