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In Competition - Feature Films


Directed by : WONG Kar Wai

Country : HONG KONG Length : 93 minutes

Award for Best Director , 1997


Lai Yiu-Fai and Ho Po-Wing where in love when they arrived in Argentina from Hong-Kong. But something went wrong while they were driving south in search for adventures. One day, on the road, Ho Po-Wing walked away from his lover. Now, Lai works as doorman at a tango bar in Buenos Aires. He is trying to save enough for his air-ticket home. When Ho re-enters his life, bruised and bleeding from a beating, he gives him a bed but refuses to get back into a sexual relationship. Domesticity doesn't suits Ho, who is soon spending nights out on the town. Lai quits his job and starts working in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant, where he befriends Zhang, a kid from Taiwan. Without realising it, Lai's life begins to take changes. Meanwhile Ho continues to fall into pieces...


- Film Editor

- Director

- Script / Dialogue


- Ho Po-WIng

- Lai Yiu-Fai

- Chang

Film Poster © DR

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