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In Competition - Feature Films


Directed by : Amos GITAI

Country : FRANCE, ISRAEL, ITALY Length : 123 minutes


October 6, 1973 is a special day: everything is quiet in Israel. It's Yom Kippur.
The war breaks out. Weinraub and his friend Ruso drive with all speed into the Golan heights looking for the unit in which they did their military service. After searching for it in vain, they decide, in the midst of his chaotic atmosphere, to join an Air Force first-aid team. They're immediately sent on a mission.
Their team flies constant missions by helicopter to and from the Golan. Their task is to evacuate the dead and the wounded. The excitement and enthusiasm of the first moments is soon replaced by revulsion and exhaustion.
At the air base and on their missions, these men develop intimate and cohesive relationships.
On October 10, they are sent on a mission into Syrian territory. Their helicopter


- Script / Dialogue

- Music

- Cinematography

- Director

- Script / Dialogue

- Film Editor

- Film Editor

- Set decorator


- Officer

- Doctor

- Ruso

- Weinraub

- Gadassi

- Yoram - Pilot

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