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KORE-EDA Hirokazu

Country : Japan

In Competition - Feature Films


Directed by : Shinji AOYAMA

Country : JAPAN Length : 131 minutes


Nagai is widely regarded as a successful Information Age businessman, but in reality he is cornered. His company has gone public and he¿s at the beck and call of demanding shareholders. The goal he has longed for now seems like a desert before him. To make matters worse, Nagai¿s wife and daughter have left him. He carries around a camcorder to conveniently keep their memory alive. He¿d like to find them, but doesn't know where to begin.
Akira chooses to drink away life¿s complexities. She has lost faith in her husband and all he represents. She decides to return to the peaceful comforts of her countryside childhood with her daughter Kaai. Her precocious voice keeps Akira alert on a tightrope of memory, delusion and alcohol. Little do Nagai and Akira know, but their precarious relationship

Official release

Desert Moon Interview


Shinji AOYAMA - Director

Shinji AOYAMA - Script / Dialogue

Masaki TAMRA - Cinematography

Takeshi SHIMIZU - Set decorator

Shinji AOYAMA - Film Editor


Kumiko AKIYOSHI - Keechie's Client

Shuji KASHIWABARA - Keechie

Yukiko IKARI - Kaai

Isao NATSUYAGI - Tsuyoshi's Father

Hiroshi MIKAMI - Nagai

Maho TOYOTA - Akira

Kenichi HAGIWARA - Keechie's Boss

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