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The Lobster

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Directed by : Georges ROUQUIER

Year of production : 1946 Country : FRANCE Length : 87 minutes


For one year, from 1944 to 1945, Georges Rouquier shared the life of a peasant family, his own, in the Farrebique farm in Goutrens, in the Rouergue region. He shows us life on a farm, marked by the rhythm of seasons, from harvesting in summer to the grandfather's rituals of slicing the bread for dinner. The film also dwells on the hardships of life on a farm and the transformation brought on by the arrival of electricity, of modern times. Farrebique reveals the beauty of these people, their closeness to their beasts and to nature, facing an often harsh life.

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FARREBQIUE by Georges ROUQUIER - Extract 2

Cannes Classics

FARREBQIUE by Georges ROUQUIER - Extract 2

Cannes Classics

FARREBIQUE by Georges ROUQUIER - Extract 1


Georges ROUQUIER - Director

Georges ROUQUIER - Script / Dialogue

André A. DANTAN - Director of Photography

René LECUYER - Sound

Henry SAUGUET - Music

Madeleine GUG - Film Editor



Film Poster

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Cannes Classics