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In Competition - Feature Films


Directed by : Jacques DOILLON

Country : FRANCE

Prix du jeune cinéma au Festival International du Film , 1979


" La drôlesse " is the story of the meeting between two social misfits, two people who are desperately lonely: an eleven-year-old girl and a twenty-year-old boy, an unwanted by their families. As in William Wyler's " The Collector ", " La drôlesse " begins with a kidnapping, a forced seclusion, but it's not a detective mystery. The relationship between the two characters gradually becomes complicated, for the boy is not a good jailer and the prisoner quickly learns how to escape from the attic where he has shut her up... but she remains nevertheless. And each of them, with difficulty and clumsiness begins to give the other a little of his immense love. We realize that film is not trying to prove anything but rather to reveal the multiple possibilities and truths of life. And by giving us a


Philippe ROUSSELOT - Cinematography

Jacques DOILLON - Director

Jacques DOILLON - Script / Dialogue

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