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SIN #8

Barbara HELLER

Country : United states of america

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Marcell IVANYI

Country : Hungary

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In Competition - Short Films


Directed by : Lynne RAMSAY

Country : UNITED KINGDOM Length : 10 minutes

Jury Prize - Short Film , 1996


Based on personal memories and experiences of childhood, set in and around a Glasgow housing scheme. A triptych of moments of reflection and loss in one girl's childhood and adolescence.


Alwin KUTCHLER - Cinematography

Lucia ZUCCHETTI - Film Editor

Lynne RAMSAY - Cinematography

Lynne RAMSAY - Director

Lynne RAMSAY - Script / Dialogue

Jane MORTON - Set decorator


Lynne Jnr RAMSAY - Anne-Marie enfant

Genna GILLAN - Anne-Marie à 13 ans

Anne MCLEAN - La mère

Jodie MCCARTNEY - La soeur

James RAMSAY - Le père

Anne-Marie KENNEDY - Anne-Marie adolescente