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Sylvester Stallone in Cannes!

Sylvester Stallone, Rambo V : Last Blood

Sylvester Stallone, Rambo V : Last Blood © Rouslan Ovtcharoff (Millennium Media Inc)


One last announcement for the Official Selection of the 72nd Festival de Cannes: Sylvester Stallone, who never passes unnoticed on the Croisette, returns to Cannes to promote Rambo V - Last Blood, shot a few months ago.

He will be back on screen next fall: Sylvester Stallone will star as John Rambo again, one of the most famous cinema characters in the world in recent years, who unleashed the most passions, gathered millions of spectators and even inspired writers.


As he will be present at Cannes, Sylvester Stallone will have the honor of a special screening in the Palais des Festivals on Friday, May 24 at 10:30PM. He will introduce on stage some exclusive images of Rambo V. After a video montage evoking his huge career, the world premiere restoration of Ted Kotcheff's Rambo - First Blood will be screened in 4K DCP in the Grand Théâtre Lumière.


Rambo V: Last Blood is directed by Adrian Grunberg and produced by Millennium Films. The film will star Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega and Oscar Jaenada. Matthew Cirulnik and Sylvester Stallone wrote the script based on characters created by David Morell. The film will be released in the US and worldwide from September 20. It will be distributed in France by Metropolitan Filmexport on October 8.


Rambo: First Blood by Ted Kotcheff (1982), starring Sylvester Stallone, Brian Dennehy and Richard Crenna, will be screened with a restored print by Studiocanal. The restoration of the Rambo trilogy was made from the original camera negatives, which were scanned in 4K resolution 16bit in Technicolor Hollywood. Then the full restoration was done at Éclair in Paris. Grading was done respectively for theatrical by HDR Dolby. The film was restored frame by frame in the respect of the artistic choices of the original production.


"On the other side of the avenue, a colonne Morris was spinning slowly, uncovering Rambo's poster. She would go see the film. From now on, she would go see all of Stallone's films. Every one of them. She would not miss one. And she would not wait for them to be broadcast on television. No. She would go see them in theaters, she would pay for her ticket. She owed that to him. Because of him, her life was going to change. "

Emmanuèle Berhneim  - "Stallone", Gallimard, 2002


(Emmanuèle Berhneim, who died in 2017, is also the central character of Alain Cavalier's film, Etre vivant et le savoir, presented in the Official Selection on Thursday, May 16).

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