Maji-Da ABDI



Maji-Da Abdi © Philip Tinel

Maji-da Abdi first came into contact with cinema in the ‘90s: while travelling in Nepal, she met Bernardo Bertolucci who was filming Little Buddha and began an internship on set. Once returned to Ethiopia, her home country, she directed documentaries and worked as a journalist for CNN. After producing a short film, she began helping do the same for the films of Abderrahmane Sissako. In 2010, she organised Images that Matter, a short film festival in Addis Ababa. Believing that life is a journey of the soul, she spends a lot of time exploring spiritual traditions and health therapies and is a practitioner of The Metamorphic Technique. She is also a dancer and actress. Currently, she works for Orbs, a magazine dedicated to science, art and spirituality.

Jury attendance

  • Member Cinéfondation & Short Films, 2013