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Kandinsky is a Jewish tailor, whose gift for telling fairy-tales brings about exciting and magical events in the life of a small boy. Joe, a six year old child, who lodges with his mother in Kandinsky’s house, is broken hearted when he loses a pet chicken. Kandinsky tries to console the boy by telling him a story about a unicorn who has a magin horn which, if rubbed, will grant any wish. Entranced by the fairy-tale, Joe sets off through Petticoat Lane in search of a magic unicorn.

BEJIN LOUG Sergei EISENSTEIN 1936 - 00:31

Initially made to stigmatize the religious obscurantism of russian peasantry, the film has been revived to point out the violent alcoholism of the peasants and their opposition to the new soviet laws, thanks to the Orthodox church. A depraved alcoholic kills his wife and his son who denounced him to the new leaders, justifying his actions with a biblical quotation.

EL TOPO Alejandro JODOROWSKY 1970 - 02:06

An outlaw, El Topo, challenges the invincible Four Masters of the Desert for the love of a woman. He defeats them, achieving a higher level of consciousness until his woman betrays him. Starting a new existence as a holy man, El Topo undertakes the liberation of a community of outcasts.

INDIA SONG Marguerite DURAS 1975 - 02:00

It is a love story, in the Indies, during the 30's, in an overpopulated town located on the Ganges's verges. It is the monsoon season. Two days of this story are evocated. Faceless voices speak about this story. They remember it more or less. A female beggar deplores misery and hunger which prevail in the town. That night, during the embassy bal, Anne-Marie Stretter refuses vice-consul's love. He goes away during the night and shouts his crazy love. The next morning, Anne-Marie also disappears.

ODD MAN OUT Carol REED 1947 - 01:55

Johnny is the idealist leader of an illegal organisation who has escaped from prison while serving a sentence for gun running. He now plans to hold up a linen mill in order to obtain funds. During the hold-up he is shot and badly wounded. Pat, the driver of the car, panics and drives away too fast and Johnny falls into the roadway. From then on he is hunted without mercy.

THE FALLEN IDOL Carol REED 1948 - 01:35

This witty tale of intrigue, told from a child’s perspective by Graham Greene, brilliantly evokes the transition from childhood to adolescence. Carol Reed’s noted rapport with child actors drew a remarkable performance from eight-year-old Bobby Henrey as Felipe, the son of a foreign ambassador, left in the care of the Embassy butler, Baines (Ralph Richardson) and his domineering wife. Felipe is drawn into Baines’s fateful affair with a young French woman and begins to learn about dissimulation.


After a series of trials and tribulations, a Christlike thief meets a spiritual teacher who introduces him to seven wealthy and powerful individuals, each representing a planet in the solar system. Together they begin a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain, in order to displace the gods who live there and become immortal.

THE WAY AHEAD Carol REED 1944 - 01:55

Carol Reed's typically meticulous research adds a sense of gritty realism to this vivid, stirring account of a WWII British combat unit undergoing basic training. David Niven stars as Lieutenant Jim Perry, a former pump jockey who realizes he needs to take a tough line with the ragged, widely divergent bunch of civilian conscripts under his command, as he and Sergeant Brewer (William Hartnell) try to prepare them for combat with Rommel's Afrika Korps.

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