Spaceships Argos and Galliot are sent in exploration mission on the mysterious Aura planet. First landed, Argos does not show any sign of life. While Galliot's crew members disembark in turn, they are taken of madness crisis and begun to kill each others. They rapidly discover that the same killing frenzy took hold of Argos'crew. The astronauts soon understand that Aura is inhabited by creatures ready for anything to run away from their dying planet...

TIEMPO DE MORIR Arturo RIPSTEIN 1966 - 01:30

Juan Sayago returns to his hometown after 18 years of being in prison, accused of killing Raul Trueba, a horse dealer. Juan wants to live peacefully, but knows that Julian and Pedro, Raul’s sons, had sworn to seek revenge for their father. Juan visits Mariana, a widowed woman who used to be Juan’s girlfriend. Everybody advises Juan to leave town. Mariana and Juan renew their love but she doesn’t want to leave with him. Julian challenges Juan to a duel in the same place Trueba died, Juan dresses as a gunman, says goodbye to Mariana and puts on glasses to kill his enemy. Exasperated, Pedro challenges Juan, who turns his back on him, and so the young man must shoot with his brother’s gun to hit him down.

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12 : 06 : 34 : 57
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