Alejandro González Inárritu: “Privacy is the new punk movement of our society”

Le réalisateur Alejandro González Inárritu.
The whole team of Biutiful, the latest feature film by Mexican director Alejandro González Inárritu, was present at this morning’s press conference. Here are some of the best moments.
Alejandro González Inárritu, talking about the conception of Biutiful:
I got so tired travelling round the world for Babel that I promised myself that my next project would be less complicated, with a single location and a single central character. For Biutiful, I wanted to develop something a bit more linear, more disciplined, by exploring other narrative methods. But Biutiful turned out to be just as difficult to make as my other films (laughter).
Javier Bardem about Uxbal, the main character:
Uxbal is an intense person, rather like the film. He is a man who keeps his feelings very much to himself. As an actor, I wanted to show that Uxbal knew about corruption, and exploitation. Uxbal doesn’t want to lose love, his last breath of sanity. But life pushes him in another direction.
Alejandro González Inárritu on the message of Biutiful:
Even if darkness seems to be everywhere, Biutiful offers many touches of hope. I’d even say it’s my most optimistic film. Uxbal’s character is full of light. He puts a lot into organising his life, helping his children, loving other people. This film is also an essay on privacy. In the era of Internet social networking, intimacy is a bit provocative, like the new punk movement of our society.
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