Mike Leigh : “I´ve always been keen to show ordinary people´s lives”

Photocall © AFP

As per tradition, the entire team of Another Year, the new feature film by the British Director, Mike Leigh, appeared before journalists this morning. Here are some highlights from the press conference.

Mike Leigh, on getting old, one of the main themes in his film:
Another Year focuses on the way in which we come to terms with life as we grow old, on our way of dealing with others. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t offer any solutions, but it arouses the type of thoughts, emotions and feelings we all have in the face of life’s demands.
Mike Leigh coming back to the difficulty of making a film based on people’s everyday lives:
I personally don’t find people boring. As human beings, I think we have the power to fascinate endlessly. I’ve always been keen to show the lives of ordinary people because that’s the world I come from.
Lesley Manville referring to a scene in which her character (Mary) is completely drunk:
I’d never shot this type of scene before, so it was a totally new experience for me. Having said that, I didn’t follow any particular formula to play this part. I just needed a few quiet moments on my own to prepare for it. Also, we all know that working with Mike Leigh means having to go from one state to another fairly quickly. And that’s what I did with my character.
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