Press conference: Tender Son – The Frankenstein Project by Kornél Mundruczó

Kornél Mundruczó © AFP


The press conference for the film, Tender Son – The Frankenstein Project by Kornél Mundruczó took place today. The director responded to journalists’ questions in the company of his friend, the film-maker, Miklos Jancso, the scriptwriter, Yvette Biro, and the producer, Viktoria Petranyi. Selected extracts.

On the film’s title
Kornél Mundruczó: The first part of the title, “A Tender Son” conveys exactly what I think about the film’s monster: he is innocent.I also wanted to keep the reference to Frankenstein even though, at the start, it was just the name of the file containing the script on my computer.
On Hungarian cinema
Kornél Mundruczó: It’s very complicated because there’s a whole new generation of film-makers emerging. We are the zero generation because, since the fall of the Soviet Bloc, we no longer have any points of reference.
Is the film’s main character a monster?
Kornél Mundruczó: The boundaries between what is and isn’t monstrous are always set by the majority in a society. It is these boundaries that I wanted to reflect.
On Kornél Mundruczó
Miklos Jancso: For me, Kornél is a great myth because he’s different from the rest of film-makers around today, and being different isn’t easy nowadays. It’s not enough to just make films. You have to know how to reflect and Kornél is a very perceptive director.