Julia Leigh: ‘The story came already in cinematographic form”

Julia Leigh ©AFP

Julia Leigh presents her first film, Sleeping Beauty, In Competition, alongside actors Emily Browning and Rachel Blake.

Although she is a writer, Julia Leigh says of her choice of making a film of Sleeping Beauty:
”The story came already in cinematographic form, making the switch to screenwriting came naturally. The writer and the director work with the same elements, characters and a theme to develop.”



About the character of Lucy:
”She has no limits. She is both young and intelligent and, at the same time, repressed. She is a sort of perverse provocation.”


 Emily Browning about her role:
 ”I said, yes, straight away after reading the script. I was quite unsettled, but in a positive way. It was a challenge for me. I prepared by watching films, Antichrist first of all, in which Charlotte Gainsbourg gives an amazing performance”




Rachel Blake about the music for the film:
‘Julia’s writing is extremely musical, it’s a bit like a painting.”


 Julia Leigh about Jane Campion who was at the screening:
”I asked her questions before directing my film, I called her very often for technical advice, she was always very attentive and always encouraged me. She also helped me during the editing process.”