The Jasmin Revolution at the Festival

Mourad Ben Cheikh © DR

After Egypt, the invited country at the Festival, Cannes pays tribute to Tunisia with the screening of La Khaoufa Baada Al’Yaoum (No More Fear) in Special Screening. With this documentary, Mourad Ben Cheikh gives a testimonial to his engagement in the struggle for freedom in his country.

The young Lina Ben Mghenni recounts the events of Sidi Bouzid on a blog. Radhia Nasraoui, a lawyer, pays the price for dedication to defending human rights and journalist Karem Chérif ardently defends his community. Three destinies, three commitments to a cause but all share the same fear: they are more than just witnesses to the revolution that is underway. Through their actions and seen through their eyes, Mourad Ben Cheikh recounts the revolt of the whole country.

Barely finished, the Jasmin Revolution (No More Fear) was sent to Cannes on large screen. The film was shot under emergency conditions, in the thick of the action, from before the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi on 14 January up tp the fall of President Ben Ali.

Mourad Ben Cheikh
could not miss out on the opportunity to be involved: “For a long time, my rage was silent, my eyes unable to look on with feeling. But that day of 14 January brought me strong feelings, I wept over it.” No more fear, “this slogan perfectly fits what happened: it is the wall of fear that came down.”



No More Fear will be screened at 5 p.m., Salle du Soixantième.