Carlos Reygadas: “Life is a little transformed in this film”

Carlos Reygadas © FIF/LF

Carlos Reygadas went along with the press conference game for his film Post Tenebras Lux, the day after it was screened in Competition. His actors joined him to answer questions from journalists.

The importance of blurring in still photography explained by Carlos Reygadas
As regards the scenes shot outside, the sides are blurred but never the centre. The inside scenes are not blurred. It is simply a matter of aesthetics. It is the way I see life, we see double in a way. Life is a little transformed in this film.

Carlos Reygadas tells us how to interpret the scene in which one of the characters pulls his head off
It’s an image that any Mexican may have in mind when he goes to sleep at night. It’s just an image. Unfortunately, today, we have the record of this kind of thing. It is a powerful image which I came up with spontaneously.

The way Carlos Reygadas builds the film and how he sees things
I think it’s better to let everything flow; this doesn’t mean to say that this film is postmodernist. There is a logic which comes from instinct. I felt the need to transform everything I see. It’s strange. I recently built a house and when it came to putting in the windows, I realised that I didn’t like modern glass. We can see everything as if there is nothing there. I am nostalgic, I like windows that we can feel and through which we can see things differently.

Interview directed by TK