Un Certain Regard Q&A: Pablo Trapero on Elefante Blanco

Pablo Trapero © FIF/GT

Argentinean film-maker Pablo Trapero returns to Un Certain Regard with the same duo seen in 2010 in Carancho: his wife Martina Gusman and Argentinean star Ricardo Darin. In Elefante Blanco, the director examines to a fault-line in Argentinean society, turning his attention to the favélas and their inhabitants, forsaken by the state and left to their own devices.

What does Un Certain Regard mean to you?
The first time I came to Cannes, it was for Un Certain Regard. This year, I am presenting two movies: 7 days in Havana and Elefante Blanco. It is a wonderful selection for my films. I love coming to Cannes.

Why is the cinema essential for you?
Because I love the cinema. I like the cinema as a spectator and as a director. I have done a little theatre, a little music, I studied architecture, I taught theatre to children… well, I do a bit of everything.

Which types of cinema or film continue to inspire you?
I like movies that change the way I see things or that touch me, for the feeling they arouse or for a theme. In any case, I appreciate the capacity of a film to move me.

What question would you like to ask the director of your choice?
“What must I do so I never run out of inspiration?” I could ask Chaplin that, or Fellini.

What are you expecting from the Festival de Cannes?
I hope that my movie Elefante Blanco will touch people, that audiences will feel involved, audiences in a lot of countries, movie critics and people who are just curious.





The movie will be screened on Monday 21 May at 2 pm and 10.15 pm in the Debussy Theatre