PRESS CONFERENCE – François Ozon: “My own memories of adolescence are painful and difficult.”

François Ozon © AFP

After the screening of the film, the Young and Beautiful team answered the questions from journalists. François Ozon was accompanied by the actors comprising the family of his film: Frédéric Pierrot, Géraldine Pailhas, Fantin Ravat and the lovely Marine Vacth. Selected highlights.

Adolescence in the words of François Ozon:
Adolescence is often idealised in world cinema, presented in a glorified way. My own memories of adolescebce are painful and difficult. I wanted to approach the subject with greater distance, so as to be able to present a different angle.

Frédéric Pierrot describes his role as a father-in-law who discovers his daughter-in-law is a prostitute:
What seems essential when dealing with life’s difficulties, for example when you discover a problem like that, is to grasp immediately that a major break has taken place, to say to yourself: “I’m not going to be judgemental about this, but I simply have to accept that something has been broken.”

Marine Vacth about her shift from fashion to film:
I’ve worked as a model but I’ve never seen myself as a model. I have a problem with labels, even that of being an actress. I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience and working with François. I want to continue working on projects that mean something to me. I don’t really see it as a shift, it’s not as simple as that.

How François Ozon chose Marine:
When I saw Marine, I found her different from all the others, however realistic their acting. With them I had the impression I was watching a documentary. With Marine, something else happened. I could see in her eyes that there was this inner world, this mystery. And that’s exactly what I was looking for in this film.


Reported by T.K.