PRESS CONFERENCE – Jim Jarmusch: “There is something very British about vampire stories”

Jim Jarmusch © FDC / LOB

American director Jim Jarmusch, the producers of Only Lovers Left Alive and the film’s actors, including Tilda Swinton and John Middleston took questions from the press.

Jim Jarmusch, on the inspiration behind his film:
I have wanted to direct a vampire love story for the past seven years. It was difficult to finance, but Tilda, with whom I talked at the very beginning, never gave up, even when everything became complicated.

Jim Jarmusch, on the presence of two British actors in the lead roles:
As far as I am aware, vampire stories in literature come from England. There is something very British about them. The perception that the English have of literature and the rest of the world is exceptional and I wanted to highlight this aspect in this way.

Jim Jarmusch talking about his choice of location:
Tangier and Detroit are abstract towns, they are two places that attract me for personal reasons. Detroit was a mysterious and magical city. Today it’s a city in a depressing, tragic situation. But it still has an inspired music scene. Music is also very important in the film. Nothing was chosen by chance. This film has a visual music.

Tilda Swinton, on vampires:
We are all fascinated by vampires. Certainly because they live forever and because we are terrified of death. What I love in this film is the idea of life and hidden work.

Tom Hiddleston talked about his role:
The role of Adam contained fascinating perspectives. I liked the idea of playing a character who embodies melancholy and romanticism. It’s a beautiful story of two people who love and accept one another. We explored love in the context of immortality.

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