Bad Boys, the super-cop film that propelled Will Smith into the limelight

Film still of Bad Boys © RR

Here are three good reasons not to miss the first feature film from Michael Bay, who directed the explosive cop duo that launched Will Smith's movie career in 1995. Screened as part of Cinema de la Plage, Bad Boys follows the story of Marcus and Mike, two Miami detectives investigating the disappearance of 100 million dollars in drugs stolen from a police station.

For its duo of quick-witted actors

Playing the roles of two very different characters, one a sensible family man, the other an incorrigible ladies' man, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith deliver a rapid succession of clever repartees filled with locker-room humor that reveal the improvisational freedom the actors enjoyed during filming. The film's script was originally written for Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz, two very popular actors from Saturday Night Live, before the rights to the movie changed hands. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith joined forces again eight years later for the feature film's sequel, also directed by Michael Bay.

For its high dose of action and original soundtrack

The film shines due to the effectiveness of its directing, which lends to the breathless pace without ever committing visual overkill. Explosions, high-speed pursuits, gunfire… Bad Boys never leaves the spectator wanting for adrenaline. As for its soundtrack, it features some pulsating hits of the 90s, such as Shy Guy by Diana King, So Many Ways by Warren G and Me Against The World by the rapper Tupac.

Because Will Smith is a member of the Feature Films Jury

When Will Smith was selected to embody inspector Mike Lowery, he owed his popularity to his role in the famous television series Prince of Bel-Air (1990-96). Two decades later, he's here as part of the prestigious Jury presided by Pedro Almodóvar…