Watch them tonight, at the Cinéma de la plage


When the light fades, the cinema invites itself onto the Festival beach. Every evening at 9:30 pm, come and discover monuments of cinema in restored versions, tributes to filmmakers who have left us recently and world premieres.

Tonight at the Cinéma de la Plage

1990 – France – 1hr 32

On the eve of the birth of his first child with a young French woman, Alberto is suddenly seized by a remorse that prevents him from sleeping. He must – at all costs – pay off a large debt he incurred to his father when he was a teenager in Rome… The deadline for paying this heavy debt is the fateful day when he will himself become a father, in twenty-four hours at the most… Alberto abandons his wife, who is about to give birth, and rushes on the last train to Rome. A race against time ensues, a senseless, funny and nostalgic fugue that will inevitably lead Alberto to the dreaded end of his childhood.

Why should you (re)watch this film?

A tender and poetic film about fatherhood and reconciliation that moves at breakneck speed. Sergio Castellitto stars with Marie Trintignant, Jeanne Moreau and Nino Manfredi in one of his best, most moving roles in the purest tradition of Italian comedy.

A Jetlag Films presentation.



1972 – Hong Kong – 1hr 35

Tang Lung is a Hong Kong man sent to Rome to help his uncle who has opened a restaurant and is being shaken down. Tang’s kung fu skills repel the thugs, who then call in a formidable martial arts champion…
A film entirely directed and choreographed by BRUCE LEE that culminates in a titanic battle with CHUCK NORRIS. A mythical climax in the world’s largest arena, the Colosseum in Rome.

Why should you (re)watch this film?

Tonight’s special: Bruce Lee versus Chuck Norris, in the Colosseum in Rome. The Festival invites you to this screening of The Fury of the Dragon, the third film of the “Little Dragon”, fifty years after Lee’s death. In addition to being the main actor, Bruce Lee wrote, directed and produced this film. No less.

A Metropolitan presentation.



1983 – France – 2hr13

She arrives in a small village in the boondocks, suitcase in hand, miniskirt and high heels, if you please. Pinpon, a dreamy garage owner and volunteer fireman, falls under the mysterious spell of the stranger and marries her. The trap is in place, but the spiral of family revenge is about to spin out of control…

Why should you (re)watch this film?

Isabelle Adjani, Patrick Dewaere, Alain Souchon, François Cluzet, Michel Galabru… all of whom should be seen again on the big screen, just forty years after the screening of One Deadly Summer. Tonight, Jean Becker will honour us with his presence to accompany his film, presented in a new print.

A presentation by SND (M6 Group), this new version is restored in 4K from the original negative. Digital and photochemical work carried out by the Hiventy laboratory, supervised by Filmo, on behalf of SND.



CARMEN by Carlos Saura
1982 – Spain – 2hrs 32

Antonio, a Spanish choreographer, has to stage a ballet to the music of Carmen, Bizet’s famous opera. He lacks a dancer for the main role. After looking far and wide, he finally finds the person he’s looking for, who just so happens to be named Carmen. Antonio enthusiastically invites her to audition, which is successful. His choice creates some tension, and particularly arouses the jealousy of Cristina, considered to be the troupe’s best dancer. Little by little, the rehearsals intensify as a love story begins to be sketched out between Carmen and Antonio, who is completely bewitched by the young woman.

Why should you (re)watch this film?

Carlos Saura, who has carried the standard of Spanish cinema high, is one of the great figures of the Festival de Cannes. It was therefore essential to celebrate the filmmaker who died last February, who knew how to film Spanish dances so well. On the beach, we could have screened Blood Wedding (Noces de sang) (Out of Competition, 1981), El Amor Brujo (Out of Competition, 1988), Tango (Special Screening, 1998), but if there was one film that was close to Carlos Saura’s heart, it was Carmen, acclaimed by the critics in the Competition in 1982.

In the presence of Antonio Saura.



1987 – France – 1hr 37

A man returns to his family home after the death of his mother, where he finds his intellectually disabled brother and a childhood friend.

Why should you (re)watch this film?

It will be hot tonight on the big screen at the beach – very hot. Like in this village filmed by Gérard Krawcyk, where the summer heat makes you dizzy, loosens your tongue and oozes eroticism. Jacques Villeret, Pauline Lafont and Jean-Pierre Bacri play a trio of very touching outsiders in a drama that ends well. The director will be in attendance to present the screening of Summer on a Gentle Slope.

A Mission presentation.



MARS EXPRESS by Jérémie Périn
2023 – 1hr 23 – France

Aline Ruby, a stubborn private detective, and Carlos Rivera, an android replica of her partner who died five years ago, embark on a race against time across Mars. They must find Jon Chow, a fleeing cybernetics student, before the mercenary assassins who are after her shoot her.

Why should you see this film?

This year’s Festival is all about animated films, even on the beach. With Mars Express, presented tonight in a world premiere, Jérémie Périn shows what France does best in animation with a science fiction thriller, featuring the voices of Léa Drucker,

A Gebeka/mk2 presentation.



THELMA & LOUISE by Ridley Scott
1990 – United States – 2hrs 10

Two friends, Thelma and Louise, frustrated by a humdrum existence, one with her husband, the other with her boyfriend, decide to take a weekend trip through the beautiful roads of Arkansas. The first stop, the first saloon, leads to the first trouble and nothing is the same ever again… A tragic event will change the course of their lives forever.

Why should you (re)watch this film?

Thirty-three years after the film’s release, this duo of badass women remains a symbol of resistance to a sexist society and one of the most beautiful stories of friendship we have seen in cinema. It’s also a chance to see Brad Pitt in the role that saw his career take off, alongside the legendary Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon.

A Park Circus presentation. The MGM Studios film has been digitally restored to a new 16bit 4K scan from the original negative, under the supervision of director Ridley Scott, by the Criterion Collection with the participation of MGM Studios and Park Circus. Park Circus will release the new 4K restoration globally, including in the UK (June 2), France (July 5) and the US (August 4).



FLO by Géraldine Danon
2023 – France – 2hrs 11

Known as “the little bride of the Atlantic”, Florence Arthaud was above all a great sailor. Her exceptional record of achievement, unique in this male-dominated world, culminated in her victory in the Route du Rhum in 1990.

Beyond these exploits, FLO tells the incredible story of a fiercely free woman who – after a road accident that almost cost her her life – decided to reject her bourgeois milieu and the life that had been laid out for her, to live her dreams to the full.

Why should you see this film?

There’s a preview tonight on the beach! Set sail right away into the world of the great French sailor, Florence Arthaud. Flo is no Thelma or Louise – she prefers the hgih seas, but her story is also that of an emancipation, that of a wind of freedom that swells her sails. Director Géraldine Danon will attend the screening of her film this evening in the presence of the cast.

A Metropolitan presentation.



C’EST LA VIE by Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache
2017 – France – 1hr 57

Max has been  caterer for 30 years. He’s organised hundreds of parties, and he’s at the end of his tether. Today it’s a sublime wedding in a castle – yet another one – that of Pierre and Héléna. As usual, Max has coordinated everything: he’s recruited his brigade of waiters, cooks and dishwashers, recommended a photographer, booked the band, and arranged the floral decoration. In short, everything is set up to make this party a success… But Murphy’s law is about to strike, upsetting a tight schedule where every moment of happiness risks turning into a disaster. From the preparations to the dawn of the big day, we look behind the scenes of the event through the eyes of those doing the work, who have to rely on their only shared quality: the sense of celebration.

Why should you (re)watch this film?

With the screening of this delightful comedy, the Cannes Festival pays tribute to Jean-Pierre Bacri, who passed away in 2021. While the actor stood out for his outspoken personality Cannes celebrated his writing talents and those of Agnès Jaoui in 2004 for Look at me, which won the Screenplay Prize. Tonight, the screening will be presented by directors Éric Tolédano and Olivier Nakache.

A Gaumont presentation.



BADLANDS by Terrence Malick
1973 – United States – 1hr 33

In Terrence Malick’s chilling masterpiece, two lovers (Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek) embark on a bloody road trip through South Dakota in the 1950s.

Why should you (re)watch this film?

This screening is above all a tribute to the genius producer Edward R. Pressman, who died last January. A talent scout, he contributed to the brilliant careers of Brian De Palma, Kathryn Bigelow and a certain Terrence Malick. Malick owes his first feature film to Ed Pressman’s flair, Badlands, released in 1973, the start of a career marked by a Palme d’Or in 2010 for The Tree of Life. Tonight, Ed Pressman’s family will accompany the screening.

A Warner Bros and MPA presentation.



UNDERGROUND by Emir Kusturica
1995 – Ex-Yugoslavia – 2hrs 47

In Belgrade, at the beginning of the second world war, two friends, Marko and Blacky use their illegal activities to finance the communist resistance in Yugoslavia. Marko owns a weapons factory in an underground bunker, where he hides Blacky, Natalja, the woman they both love, and a group of resistance fighters. There they live, love, party, and make weapons… Twenty years after the end of the war, to keep Blacky and the beautiful Natalija underground, and to keep the profits of the arms trade rolling in, Marko manipulates them into believing that the war is still going on…

Why should you (re)watch this film?

In 1995, the Jury presided by Jeanne Moreau awarded the Palme d’or to Underground, la deuxième pour Emir Kusturica’s second Palme, ten years after When Father Was Away on Businesss. This film is probably the most representative of the director’s universe, between burlesque and raw realism and on the truculent chords of Goran Bregović.

A presentation by Malavida Films. New version restored in 4K by TF1 Studio, with the support of the CNC, from the original image negative and the original 24-track mix. Digital and photochemical work done by the VDM laboratory. Released in cinemas in winter 2023.