Meeting the Feature Film Jury of the 77th Cannes Film Festival


Presided over by American actress and director Greta Gerwig, to whom we owe the worldwide phenomenon Barbie, the entire Feature Film Jury of this 77th edition appeared before the press for the first time. After discussing what they expected from the selection, they were keen to stress that cinema can change the world. Here is some of what they said in anticipation of the Award Winners being announced on May 25.

Greta Gerwig on being President of the Feature Film Jury

First of all, I have to say this is beyond a dream come true. It is a huge honor. I can’t stop pinching myself! I love watching films and discussing them, so to do that here in Cannes, with all these artists, is thrilling. I’m still in shock. I try to come to every film we see with a willingness to be surprised.

Lily Gladstone on what she looks for in other actors

It’s difficult to say which films will move us and why. We’re bound to find some films confusing and others captivating. Personally, I’m always inspired by actors who can transform the world around them. Watching other actors improves our own acting.

Omar Sy on his commitment to African cinema

I wouldn’t say I feel any particular duty. It’s more of a desire. I have Senegalese roots, I produce films in Africa, and African stories have always interested me. It’s completely organic.

Juan Antonio Bayona on the joy of being on the Feature Films Jury

I’ve been gatecrashing film festivals since I was 16 to watch films for free, and I continue to do so. To prove it, I’m here! I’ve always been a spectator at festivals, and at Cannes since the presentation of my film El orfanato (The Orphanage), so I’m very honored to be here.

Nadine Labaki on the global significance of cinema

I come from Lebanon, a country where it’s harder to create, so being here is a triumph and proof that cultural resistance prevails. We hope to come away from films having been shaken by works that dig deep into human nature. Cinema is a tool for changing the world. We need to open our eyes, see things from a different perspective and take action to generate change. This is how I want to approach the films we’re going to watch. Cinema can talk to us on our emotional frequency.

Pierfrancesco Favino on seeking beauty

It’s very difficult to find free spaces where we can discuss ideas around cinema. When I say freedom, I don’t just mean artistic freedom but political too. I think we have to seek out beauty. I hope films talk to the better part of people; this is why I became an actor.

Eva Green on the responsibility of being on the Jury

It’s a very complex role, watching films and having to make a selection. It’s quite a challenge because you know how radically an award at Cannes might change a director’s life. It’s a huge responsibility.