Thursday, May 14, 21:30 LE GRAND BLOND AVEC UNE CHAUSSURE NOIRE Yves ROBERT 1972 - 01:30

Bernard Milan covets Louis Toulouse's job - director of a secret service. To get rid of his overly ambitious assistant, Toulouse sends Milan off on a wild goose chase after a dangerous spy who is in fact just an ordinary Joe. So Milan starts shadowing François Perrin, an absent-minded violinist. This odd game of espionage entraps the three men in a web of hilarious situations as they go from one surprise to the next.

Friday, May 15, 21:30 RAN Akira KUROSAWA 1985 - 02:42

In the 16th century, Lord Hidetora decides to retire and share his territory between his three sons, Taro, Jiro, and Saburo. The latter foreseeing difficulties, opposes his decision. He is consequently disinherited. However the father soon discovers that, mocking his authority, his first two sons begin to fight. Jiro treacherously kills Taro and then Saburo before realising that it is in fact Taro's widow who is responsible for this confusion since she had sworn to revenge Hidetora's murder of her family years ago. Now all that is left for Jiro is to die fighting the enemies of the Hidetora dynasty.

Saturday, May 16, 21:30 HOTEL DU NORD


Marcel CARNÉ 1938 - 01:35

The film focuses on a small hotel in a working-class district of Paris, and relates a serie of human dramas taking place inside its walls. In one of the rooms, a star-cross couple contemplates a double suicide. Another room is inhabited by a prostitute and her cowardly pimp who has denounced his friend to the police. The overal story probes into the relationship of the many couples living in the same roof.

Sunday, May 17, 21:30 IVAN GROZNY, PART 1


Sergueï EISENSTEIN 1944 - 01:40

The film spans more than 20 years of Ivan the Terrible’s reign (1547-1567), and consists of a number of different episodes that narrate the key events in both his life and the infancy of the Russian state. The first part starts with the inauguration of Ivan IV, followed by his marriage to Anastasia, the conquest of Kazan, Ivan's death, and death of tsaristza Anastasia. She was poisoned by the boyars.

Sunday, May 17, 23:15 IVAN GROZNY, PART 2


Sergueï EISENSTEIN 01:26

The film commences with Ivan Vassilevich returning from Alexandrov Sloboda, the boyars, together with the King of Poland Sigizmund when Prince Kurbsky, Ivan’s confident, defects to the Poles. The scenes of slaughter of the boyars and the insubordinate metropolit Philip Kolychev alternate with Ivan’s the Terrible reminiscencing on his childhood. The czar is surrounded by his party members and with the help of Malyuta Scuratov, takes revenge on Efrosinya Staritskaya, a boyar, by killing her son Vladimir who made a claim to the throne.

Monday, May 18, 21:30 ENRAGÉS


Eric HANNEZO 2015 - 01:40

A robbery goes wrong. 4 criminals find refuge in a shopping center where burst shots and panic. Hemmed in, they kill a man and take hostage a woman. Cornered, they stop a car and flee. On board, a father and his sick child whom he has to drive to the emergency room at the hospital. Out of control, their escape will turn into stalking without mercy. Now there is no longer any possible way out for these rabid dogs...

Tuesday, May 19, 21:30 JOE HILL Bo WIDERBERG 1971 - 01:53

1902, Joe and Paul leave their native Sweden for United-States, looking for a better life. They quickly understand that inequalities and poverty are prevailing overthere too. During the journey that leads him from New-York to Western America, Joe Hill meets members from revolutionary pacifist union Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and joins the movement.
Film event and cult, "Joe Hill" is the story of a young man, street artist and activist, whose proletarian songs had a deep impact, dead as a martyr. Totally invisible from his release in 1971, Joe Hill had received the same, the Cannes film festival's Jury's Award.

Wednesday, May 20, 21:30 THE TERMINATOR James CAMERON 1984 - 01:48

In 2029, machines are dominating the planet in an attempt to exterminate the human race. To destroy the future of mankind, the machines decide to change the past by sending an indestructible cyborg, the Terminator, back in time. Its mission: kill Sarah Connor, the woman whose unborn child will become mankind's only hope.

Thursday, May 21, 21:30 APOLLO 13 Ron HOWARD 1995 - 02:20

NASA must devise a strategy to return Apollo 13 to Earth safely after the spacecraft undergoes massive internal damage putting the lives of the three astronauts on board in jeopardy.

Friday, May 22, 21:30 HIBERNATUS Edouard MOLINARO 1969 - 01:40

Hubert de Tartas' life becomes a complete muddle when his wife's grand father is unearthed after having spent 65 years in frozen hibernation in the polar circle. After being de-frosted, the Hibernating Man believes it is still the beginning of the century. Nothing is spared to keep that illusion alive. At the end of his rope, Hubert blurts out the truth and takes the man from Edwardian times on a crazy spree through an ultramodern Twentieth Century.

Saturday, May 23, 21:30 THE USUAL SUSPECTS Bryan SINGER 1995 - 01:46

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