• 1998
  • Un Certain Regard
  • First film

Daryl Zero is a modern, agoraphobic gumshoe. He is a hero, but a hauntingly and hilariously dysfunctional one. He’s not so much hard-boiled as he is cracked. He may be brilliant at unraveling clues, but once he’s off the case, he can barely function – afraid to go to the dry-cleaner or out to eat. Zero takes refuge in observation because he cannot stand to get involved. He cannot stand having connections to anyone. Paranoid, numbed-out and emptied of all potentially frightening emotions, Daryl lives alone in a secret Los Angeles apartment designed to keep him high above the world. He maintains his only direct contact with humanity through frontman Steve Arlo, who thinks of Zero as both a genius and a social freak. But all of that changes when he takes on the case of Gregory Stark’s lost ke

Directed by : Jake KASDAN
Country: United States
Duration: 116



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