Thursday, May 12, 21:30 PURPLE RAIN Albert MAGNOLI 1984 - 01:51

Winner of Grammy and Academy Awards for its pulsating song score, Purple Rain marks the electrifying movie debut of Prince as the Kid, a Minneapolis club musician as alienated as he is talented. The Kid struggles with a tumultuous homelife and his own smouldering anger while taking refuge in his music and his steamy love for sexy Apollonia Kotero.

Saturday, May 14, 21:30 COUP DE TÊTE Jean-Jacques ANNAUD 1979 - 01:29

In the small village of Trincamp, François Perrin gets kicked off the soccer team and asked to leave his work in the factory. He is put in jail for a rape he didn't commit and subsequently pardoned. He is hired in an important game and by scoring the winning goal suddenly becomes a big hero. However he has not forgotten his past or how the leading citizens used to scorn him. So Perrin uses his new won fame to pave the way for revenge.

Monday, May 16, 21:30 THE ENDLESS SUMMER Bruce BROWN 1966 - 01:32

Bruce Brown's 1964 colorfilm highlights the adventures of two young American surfers, Robert August and Mike Hynson, who follow this everlasting summer around the world. Their unique expedition in search of the perfect wave takes them to Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia New Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii and California.

Tuesday, May 17, 21:30 THE GREAT DICTATOR Charlie CHAPLIN 1940 - 02:06

In World War One, a nameless Jewish barber is injured fighting for the fictional nation of Tomania, and spends years in a veterans’ hospital. He eventually wanders home, unaware that Adenoid Hynkel has seized absolute power and turned Tomania into an anti-semitic war machine. While defending his shop from storm troopers, the barber meets the beautiful Hannah. Meanwhile, Hynkle plots to conquer the neighboring nation of Osterlich and become Emperor of the World. In a classic mistaken identity ruse, the poor Jewish barber is taken for merciless Hynkle, leading to a heartfelt plea for humanity and justice.

Wednesday, May 18, 22:30 SORCERER William FRIEDKIN 1977 - 02:01

Sorcerer présenté par La Rabbia. Restauration Warner Bros, sous la supervision de Ned Price, responsable des restaurations Warner et de William Friedkin. Scan 4 K à partir du négatif 35mm.
Restauration audio à partir des 4 pistes stéréo 35mm par Aaron Levy.
Supervision de l’étalonnage Bryan McMahan. Remerciements à Bob Finkelstein, Karen Magid, Craig Kornblau, Dan O’Rourke, Traci Caroll, Wallon Green, Bud Smith

Thursday, May 19, 22:30 IL SORPASSO


Dino RISI 1962 - 01:46

This brilliant and harsh tale is about the meeting of two destinies: it's a perfectly classic film, where irony conceals ambition and seriousness and where improvisation and rigor blend well. The two characters are a product of their environment: an amoral, superficial society, at the verge of overconsumption, already destabilized, made of individuals doomed to be disappointed.
"Vittorio Gassman's character has never been able to 'build' anything and that's why he only knows how to 'destroy' - commented Dino Risi - he is the typical Italian man, superficial and fascist. He is helpless, weak-willed, his power lies entirely in his physical presence, a sort of impact strength which lacks any profound quality or morality".
Jacques Lourcelles

Friday, May 20, 21:30 KISS ME DEADLY Robert ALDRICH 1955 - 01:46

On the road in the middle of the night, P.I Mike Hammer takes in a frantic woman. They are recaptured by gangsters who kill the woman, Mike is sent to the hospital, wounded. Helped by his secretary Velda, he decides to conduct the investigation.

Saturday, May 21, 21:30 C'ERAVAMO TANTO AMATI


Ettore SCOLA 1974 - 02:04

Gianni, Nicola and Antonio, after militating in the partisan troops and maturing together fervent ideals, when peace "breaks out" take different paths: Antonio is a stretcher-bearer at San Camillo Hospital in Rome; Gianni becomes a lawyer; Nicola teaches at Nocera Inferiore, gets married and fights as an idealist for a cinema changing society. Luciana is the girl dicovered by Antonio and that Gianni at first draws and then abandons in order to enter, through a marriage, in the family of a builder with no social conscience. Occasionally, but more and more rarely, the three meet. After many years...