• 1995
  • Un Certain Regard

Gizella Weisz lives somewhere in Eastern Europe at the end of the 80s. She works for a designing institute when she is suddenly appointed head of an outpost. A train takes her to a shabby and run-down factory lying in the middle of a muddy industrial landscape. The outpost however, is still farther. Gizella continues her journey on a rail-car. She crosses another rail-car going in the opposite direction with a man in poor condition, Gizella does not recognize her former colleague. On snowbound mountains, where an ice-cold shack with two beds can be found, lives a man called Petya or Öcsi. This is where Gizella is going to spend the next part of her life…

Directed by : Péter GOTHAR
Country: Hungary
Duration: 85


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