Michael MOORE
  • 1995
  • Un Certain Regard

A political satire set in post-Cold War America. The President of the United States, without the old Soviet Union, no longer has an excuse to keep the missile factories open. His aides insist he must come up with a new “enemy” to keep the public’s mind off of the worsening economic crisis at home. He begs the new Russian President to “get back to the good old days” and at least pretend to be a menace. Rejected by the Russian leader, the President has but only one country left on the face of the earth which is big enough and close enough to convince the Americans that they really are in danger. Welcome to the new “Evil Empire” – Canada! And the Americans living up there on the “world’s longest unprotected border” are ready for war.

Directed by : Michael MOORE
Country: United States
Duration: 92

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